About us

Our company ‘Elena’ was founded in 1995 in the city of Plovdiv with entirely private capital.

We have our own, modernly equipped factory for durable confectionery and a motivated team of professionals.
In the conditions of growing competition we strive to expand our market share, relying on our good name, the quality of our products and diverse range.



High professionalism, quality service, strict control over the production process.
The use of modern and advanced technologies guarantees high quality of the produced products.

We strive to constantly increase quality, productivity and range.

The company has a distribution network throughout the country.

Elena Confectionery is ready to cooperate with companies interested in joint business, from the country and abroad.



We currently produce over 100 items:

Luxury confectionery glued with chocolate, peanut and vanilla cream, sweets with different types of jam. Hand made special selection and good variety of syruped products.
The rich variety is maintained in different packaging which you can see in the catalogue for each product.

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